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How to Work with Us

Ideas to Business | Business to Success | Good to Great

You have an idea - a "great idea" - and have started to build a team and defensible technology around it. Building a business can be daunting, however. That is where we can add value: in helping guide exceptional teams with stellar technology and ideas to meet its maximum potential.

Building a business can be a rugged experience. Any young company will face numerous challenges as it seeks to grow, gain traction, and secure reference customer to generate first revenue stream. For entrepreneurs it is invaluable to have an experienced mentor who shares the load and make success to come a little easier, perhaps a little faster and with a fewer mistakes.

You can send your ideas and executive submit to here:

Your executive summary should clearly state following items:

  • Product / business you are proposing
  • Value proposition to your target market
  • Team's bio, technology, and business model
  • Validation with real users or customers

Please note that we cannot accept phone inquiries regarding business proposals, nor can we respond individually to each inquiry due to the volume of inquiries we receive, and our very limited staffing. It is strongly recommended that business plans or inquiries regarding submissions to be sent via email.