Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Management Company

Megalos Asteria & Co.

Investing in Future | Building Business | Creating Unprecedented Results

Megalos Asteria & Co. is a newly created venture capital and private equity investment firm focused on fast-growing technology companies. Megalos Asteria & Co. only works with a few outstanding teams and individuals each year. We only devote our time, energy, and resources to guide through a fledging company to meet its utmost potential to succeed. 

A secret of our success is the ability to create the right DNA for a young company with a focus on revenue and profitability, by establishing a virtuous cycle among talented employees, owners, affiliates, and customers. We enjoy the process of turning entrepreneurs' dream into successful business and take a long-term view of our investments. Our partners are extremely positive, cheerful, thoughtful, cerebral, easy to communicate with, and deeply committed to the tasks we undertake. We have a keen intuitive insight on what works and what doesn't for a successful venture business in the current marketplace.

Megalos Asteria & Co. is currently accepting business plans, patent-pending technologies, and break-through ideas with mass market appeal. We also like entrepreneurs who come up with innovative new business models in the existing marketplace. We only select teams with "No. 1 category leader" potential which can alter status quo and make the world a better place.

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