Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Management Company

Areas of Focus

Digital Interactive Media | Alternative Energy | Bio Medical Device

Our mission is to help young entrepreneurs successfully face the challenges of becoming leaders in their markets. We arrange investment in seed to early-stage technology-driven companies with clear product roadmap that are pursuing opportunities in:

  • Digital interactive media & service (online game, mobile contents, IPTV)
  • Emerging entertainment platform (UI, digital delivery, ad, security, micro-payment)
  • Innovative Internet portal & vertical community (Web 2.0, SNS, 3D portal)
  • Alternative energy for consumer application (fuel cell, solar cell, hydrogen automotive)
  • Bio-medical device (bio medical engineering, bio materials)

Although our resources are primarily focused on early stage technology investments, we also consider other areas of broad strategic opportunities to our corporate partners and investors.

Megalos Asteria & Co. is currently managing relationship with over thousand industry veterans and also has close contacts to many famous and successful names in the venture capital industry. With this extensive rolodex, Megalos Asteria & Co. can bring a unique value to entrepreneurs and we also encourage people to come up with an inter-discipline and cross-industry business opportunity regardless their backgrounds.